Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Safety Tips

Starting with the annual spring cleaning- try to go green this year.  Not only will it be safer for the environment, but it could also be safer for your family and your cleaning surfaces. Often ‘green’ cleaners are non-toxic, so it will be safer for children and pets. Some of the most common green cleaners include using vinegar and water with other household ingredients. So why is it so great to go green? Not only is it easy, it has less waste, it can be less expensive and less harmful than store made cleaners. It also can leave a fresher scent.

Even though the snow is not quite off the ground yet, spring is right around the corner. The snow will melt, the birds will chirp, and all of those spring projects that you have been thinking about all winter will soon become a reality and a weekend project. 
Next, if you need to touch up some paint inside or out of your house only use lead-free, non-VOC paint throughout your home. Use precaution while painting by making sure that the area is ventilated. Paints and paint thinners can have extremely harmful effects on you and your family. Potentially dangerous fumes can stay in the home for at least a month, so take time to ventilate.  Use window fans to help exhaust vapors from work areas. Do not forget to take frequent fresh-air breaks to get away from the painting fumes.
Finally, when it comes time to start mowing and trimming your yard, take a walk around the yard to pick up debris that may have been left by the winter storms. Pick up branches, stones,  toys, and other items that could become a hazard if it is mowed over. Next, look over the mower for frayed belts, flat tires, and frayed wires. Check oil, gas, and other fluids. Check your owner’s manual for other safety tips and operating instructions.
Springs is an exciting time of the year, but stay safe. The American Red Cross of Southwestern New York wishes you a prosperous and safe spring season.

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